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(Peter Brimelow writes: As I’ve complained before, there is a plethora of excellent books on immigration, all of which I’m scrambling to fit into a review article: for example, Pat Buchanan’s State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America, Tom Tancredo’s In Mortal Danger: The Battle for America’s Border and Security, Jim Gilchrist and Jerome R. Corsi’s Minutemen: The Battle To Secure America’s Borders. Dan Sheehy has achieved a personal triumph by hard grassroots work promoting his own book Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation. Here he reflects on his experiences.)

By Daniel Sheehy

“What do you mean, George Bush is merging us with Mexico and Canada? You’re lying to us! You shouldn’t be allowed to speak at our meeting and tell us lies!”

I was speaking at a monthly luncheon meeting of retired United Airlines pilots about my book Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation. When I calmly but firmly told the group that I was not lying about Bush’s treasonous scheme, my critic walked out.

Other retired pilots echoed his Bush loyalism. However, at the conclusion of my talk, several were eager to buy my book and learn more. One pilot purchased 25 books to give to family and friends.

Another time, I was speaking at a Lions Club breakfast meeting. Someone in the audience stood up to say:

“You said all immigrants are violent criminals! They are not! We need to welcome all immigrants!”

I responded:

“I never said that. I was talking about illegal aliens. I said the flow of President’s Bush’s ‘good-hearted’ and ‘hardworking’ folks illegally coming across our border with Mexico also includes murderers, rapists, pedophiles, drug smugglers, thieves, and vicious gang members. Law enforcement officials estimate that more than 10 percent of the illegals entering from Mexico have criminal backgrounds.”

But the man insisted:

“I hope you’re not able to convince people of your point of view!”

He then walked out of the meeting. I learned he was assistant superintendent of a school district, which probably explains why he welcomes everyone to America, no matter the consequences. Schools with a high English as a Second Language enrollment receive more funding from the state.

Fortunately, I’ve experienced few such outbursts.

Most people are attentive. Many ultimately join the fight.

One man who stood up at a Republican meeting waved his cane in the air and announced that he was 80 years old:

“I’m too old to join the Minutemen on the border, but I want to help! What can I do?”

I told him to read VDARE.COM for daily doses of the truth and join to act on what he learned.

He and several others scribbled down the website address.

When I began writing Fighting Immigration Anarchy in the fall of 2003 my goal was to awaken Americans.

I thought the best way to achieve this objective was to write in narrative style about the immigration reform movement through the personal stories of brave Americans who personify the grassroots fight against what concerned citizens call “The Takeover of America” by reconquistas and the elites—patriots like Congressman Tom Tancredo, Los Angeles auto mechanic and radio host Terry Anderson, and VDARE.COM’s Joe Guzzardi.

I self-published the book in July 2005 and began engagements, book signings, and media interviews. Sales, reviews, and public appearances went well for a self-published book. Then Rooftop Publishing, a new traditional publisher, noticed my relative success and acquired the book rights in December 2005.

I wrote 40 additional pages, including an alarming chapter titled “Bush and Other Elites Merging U.S., Mexico, and Canada,” and updated the rest of the book. Rooftop designed a compelling new cover and published the new edition in late June 2006.

The internet in general and in particular has revolutionized publishing. It’s made it possible to get books into readers’ hands without the distribution clout of the major publishers.

Plus there’s synergy: after Pat Buchanan’s State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America was published in August, Amazon offered both of our books together as a discount package. (The offer is still available on my Amazon page.) During the first two weeks of the offer, my book shot up to the low thousands on Amazon’s best seller list, which is pretty good considering millions of titles are sold on Amazon and they are all ranked on the same list, i.e., I’m competing against John Grisham (#2 as I write this on Wednesday morning), Lemony Snicket (#3) and Suzanne Somers (#5). My Amazon ranking reached its highest point one day in August when NumbersUSA’s Roy Beck, another of my profiled patriots, sent out an announcement about my book and the merger chapter–#275, nearly best-seller status.

Not surprisingly, what I found from speaking to dozens of organizations and hundreds of individuals is that most Americans still don’t realize the seriousness of the immigration crisis. They don’t know because the Mainstream Media won’t tell us.

This is why VDARE.COM and other truth-tellers such as the patriots discussed in my book deserve your support.

When I ask audiences how many legal immigrants come to America each year, they invariably tell me about 200,000. When I tell them the number is about 1.2 million they are stunned.

Audiences are astonished when I tell them, for example:

bullet About 30 percent of the inmates in our nation’s jail and prisons are illegal aliens.

bullet More than half the workers in Los Angeles County aged 16 and older can barely read, write, or speak English.

bullet More than half the women giving birth in many hospitals across America are here illegally.
However, when I read to audiences the following quote from T.J. Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council, which I reproduce in my chapter titled ” Wake Up, America; Time Is Running Out,” people nearly fall out of their chairs:

“Today, as we sit here, and every other day, 10,000—that’s thousand—10,000 illegal aliens will cross our border. The United States Border Patrol will catch about 3,000 of those people…. We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis.”[ Video, WMV]

My dentist responded this way one morning:

“I thought I understood how bad things were until I started reading your book. I didn’t know 10,000 were coming across the border illegally every day.”

That’s the problem. Americans don’t know. But they are learning fast.

Imagine if broadcast and cable TV news programs showed each day and night the massive illegal-alien invasion. Imagine!

Instead, the handful of giant corporations dominating the mass media feed Americans a steady diet of government propaganda disguised as news while a tidal wave of humanity floods into our country, both illegally and legally.

However, what shocks my audiences even more than the thousands pouring across the border every day is when I tell them the real reason the Bush administration won’t secure the border and enforce our immigration laws— now five years after 9/11!

Bush, who calls himself the ” decider,” decided behind closed doors in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 with Mexico’s Vicente Fox and Canada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin to erase U.S. borders and end American sovereignty after 230 years of independence.

It was the same day Bush publicly called the Minutemen “vigilantes.”

The end American sovereignty plan is contained in the ” Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.” It is described in a May 2005 report titled Building a North American Community, published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). For decades the CFR has advocated the elimination of national identities and borders and centralizing government power into a single global authority. CFR members surround Bush.

The scheme calls for “a space in which trade, capital, and people flow freely.” The Bush administration is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union.

That explains why

bullet Our borders are open and we’ve had more illegal and legal immigration during the past five years than in any other five-year period in our nation’s history.

bullet Bush, Cheney, Rice and other internationalists went to Capitol Hill on July 28, 2005 and twisted arms so the House would pass the Central American Free Trade Agreement.

bullet The masters of deceit are pushing so hard for massive “guest-worker” programs and amnesty in S. 2611, the immigration acceleration bill.
They’re paving the way for the North American Union so that it is “achievable” by 2010!

Incredible? How do you think the European Union was brought about?

When I tell audiences about the merger scheme, there are loud gasps, then stunned silence. I will never forget the frightened expression on one 30-something woman’s face. It is hard for the average individual to fathom that our own government would do this to us.

Here’s an e-mail one 40-something woman sent me:

“After reading your book, I couldn’t sleep for three nights. I kept thinking about all that I learned about what is truly happening in America. I have been truly inspired by the stories in your book and plan to get involved myself. I’m buying several more copies to give to my friends.”

Many men who risked their lives to defend our land and Constitution are seething about what has become of our beloved country.

One World War II Navy commander and an American Defender of Bataan and Corregidor sent me this moving letter:

“I think your book is outstanding and should have been done a long time ago…. I thank you with all of my heart for taking the time to write it.”

Daniel Sheehy (e-mail him) received his bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Towson University in Maryland and has worked as a journalist and corporate writer for 30 years. After 9/11, he began an intensive study of the immigration crisis. Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation is his first book. His website is at

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