Part One:  The Crisis and the Victims

Chapter One
A Stranger in My Own Country

Chapter Two
Wake Up, America; Time is Running Out

Chapter Three
The Real Victims of Mass Immigration

Part Two:  The Patriots

Introduction and Photos

Chapter Four

Glenn Spencer
From full-page newspaper ads to real-time video of the border invasion, the founder of American Border Patrol has used a variety of media since 1990 to awaken Americans.

Chapter Five

Terry Anderson
This black man and auto mechanic who calls himself “The Prisoner of South Central,” tells his national radio audience from Los Angeles, “If you ain’t mad, you ain’t payin’ attention!”

Chapter Six

Roy Beck
This pioneer environmental journalist became convinced that mass immigration was destroying the country, so he started NumbersUSA to help Americans influence Congress on immigration issues.

Chapter Seven

Barbara Coe
Forced to resign from the police department for reporting crimes committed by illegal aliens, this patriot founded the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, has been a leading organizer to resist the invasion of America, and played a key role in the state’s historic Proposition 187.

Chapter Eight

Joe Guzzardi
Teaching English to immigrants and writing hundreds of columns about open borders helped convince the former Wall Street banker to run for governor of California in the 2003 recall election to bring attention to the illegal immigration crisis.

Chapter Nine

Tom Tancredo
A one-time schoolteacher, this Colorado congressman has become the leader of the immigration reform movement on Capitol Hill for putting America ahead of party and politics.

Chapter Ten

Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox, and the Minuteman
Retired CPA Jim Gilchrist and former schoolteacher Chris Simcox co-founded the Minuteman Project, bringing the crisis of illegal immigration to the national stage in 2005.

Chapter Eleven
Thousands of Patriots Across America

Chapter Twelve
Bush and Other Elites Merging U.S., Mexico, and Canada

My ‘Vacation’ with the FBI