If America is to be preserved, it will be due to the brave efforts of the patriots who lead the movement to save the nation.

Awakened by the revelations in the post-9/11 period on the ever-growing illegal immigration crisis, Daniel Sheehy dedicated four years to exploring America’s virtual open-borders policy. The fruits of his research—Fighting Immigration Anarchyillustrates the inspiring grassroots efforts being made by ordinary citizens taking extraordinary steps to awaken America to the multitude of problems caused by the government’s reckless immigration policies.

In the wake of this spreading chaos have come massive job displacements for American workers, increased crime, schools overwhelmed by non-English-speaking students, bankrupt hospitals, and other serious problems.

Fighting Immigration Anarchy focuses on the struggles of citizen activists to wake up their fellow Americans to the encroaching danger. As with the brave public servants celebrated in Profiles in Courage, the patriots chosen for this book are as varied as America, yet all underwent personal transformations when they saw the nation’s peril, putting aside all individual concerns to make saving the country their top priority.

The heroic advocates of change chronicled in Fighting Immigration Anarchy and their urgent brand of citizen activism offer the only effective model of ending illegal immigration, fighting corporate globalism, and preserving American sovereignty.