Daniel Sheehy is an author, national speaker, freelance writer, and activist for immigration law enforcement and American sovereignty.

Dan received a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Towson University in Maryland and has worked as a writer for 30 years.

He began his career as an assistant news producer and writer for the NBC-TV affiliate in Baltimore.

Later, he worked as a business reporter and assistant managing editor for Aviation Daily in Washington, D.C. He wrote hundreds of news stories on business, marketing, and government, and traveled to many corners of the world.

His talents and experience led to a career as a corporate communications manager, writer, and editor for United Airlines and TRW Space & Electronics. He also was a media relations manager and national spokesman for United. In addition, Dan served as a writer for the presidents of United, Mileage Plus Inc., TRW Space & Electronics, and DIRECTV.

After 9/11, Dan began an intensive study of the growing immigration crisis in America and the real agenda behind it. He has dedicated himself to awakening Americans and inspiring them to action.

He is the author of the acclaimed book, Fighting Immigration Anarchy: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation. Rave reviews have appeared in esteemed magazines such as The New American and The American Conservative. Legendary newsman-broadcaster George Putnam calls the book “brilliant” and describes Dan as a “courageous journalist.”

Dan has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows across the country and spoken to dozens of clubs, groups, and organizations. He also has spoken at prestigious venues such as the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and the Nixon Library in Southern California.

Dan has received awards for pro-American activities from local groups such as the Southern California Republican Women and Men and national organizations such as Eagle Forum.

In addition to the immigration invasion and the North American Union scheme, he is an expert on the media.