American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation
By Daniel Sheehy

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  • Title: Fighting Immigration Anarchy

  • Subtitle: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation

  • Author: Daniel Sheehy

  • Publisher: Rooftop Publishing

  • Format: 6x9 softcover

  • Page Count: 344, including photos, sources, and index

  • Publication Date:
    June 2006

  • Availability: At Amazon and major bookstores


There are 6 types of locks … and these are the most recommended for your home

If I asked you which is the most important device in your home , what would you say?

Well, we recognize that, after reading the headline, the answer is somewhat conditioned.

But you know better than anyone that this audiovisual entertainment system that makes you drool when you get back from work, or that bathroom set with Spa functions that disconnects you from the world, or that wonderful kitchen where you prepare love for all your people would not be there if we did not put in place the necessary measures to protect them.

Starting with a good door and its security system .

And it is that the locks are, too many times, that great forgotten in a house . We assume that what we have works, protects us and is insurmountable.

But the systems of protection advance, as well as the techniques used by thieves to catalog a house as “accessible”.

So today we are going to review the different ways of protecting your entry from friends of others, reviewing their advantages and disadvantages, and new opportunities to improve your security at home.

Cylindrical or European profile locks

We call them that because the central piece of the mechanism is a cylinder with a pear cylinder, where the key is opened and closed, and because they are the most common in the homes of our continent.


Embedded or embedded locks

These are your little sisters present on the inside of the bathroom doors , which usually work by turning your eyelash from one side to the other:

Today you can install an intelligent digital access system to your home for less money than you imagine, with access through alphanumeric code, an app on your mobile, Bluetooth / NFC and, more recently, through your fingerprint.

In addition, the biometrics applied to a lock will shortly turn your door into an element capable of distinguishing if you are a person with authorized access through the identification of the iris of your eye, a retina scanner , facial or voice recognition 

You see: the spy movies were right. In everything: breaking the security of a door is much simpler than it seems … and today there are futuristic ways to avoid it.

Our recommendation is that you always have a high quality lock that turns your door into a barrier that is difficult to overcome.

And, if possible, to increase your comfort and yours and save you forgetfulness, scares, copies of keys and emergency locksmith melbourne , that you install a digital system that offers you alternative and safer ways of entry.

And leave the interior of your home for those you love most! 😉

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