American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation
By Daniel Sheehy

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  • Title: Fighting Immigration Anarchy

  • Subtitle: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation

  • Author: Daniel Sheehy

  • Publisher: Rooftop Publishing

  • Format: 6x9 softcover

  • Page Count: 344, including photos, sources, and index

  • Publication Date:
    June 2006

  • Availability: At Amazon and major bookstores


Security in libraries

The month of September is known to be, among other things, the month of “lap to school” . A return to the day-to-day transfer in schools, institutes, universities and jobs that also entails the return to the widespread occupation of libraries, public spaces where noise is prohibited and where reading and reading are given free rein. study. The high traffic of users, coupled with the fact that once we are there, it is normal that our attention is focused on books and notebooks, it is advisable to highlight some aspects of security in libraries, vital in this type of facilities. The library security is a topic that has deepened little but not without interest.

  • Users and staff
  • Buildings and infrastructures
  • Bibliographic material

The management of most libraries belongs to public administrations, business networks or associations, which are almost never physically located in the same building. So many of the libraries are often left poorly or poorly served. In order to guarantee the tranquility of users and staff, as well as the library as a whole and to keep the bibliographic material intact, we highlight the following internal measures that should have a library:

  • Video surveillance cameras .
  • Alarms .
  • Lathes to control access through a document or card.
  • Anti-theft security pedestals.
  • home security systems
  • Metal detectors.
  • Anti-hag tags on books and documents.
  • Sensors volumetric, proximity and intelligent (highlighting radio frequency, RFID).

It is important to emphasize that the need to integrate all these solutions is particularly relevant, so that, if necessary, a coordinated and effective response can be provided. In 2007, the Ministry of the Interior, through Royal Decree 393/2007, approved the Basic Norms of Self-Protection, being necessary in centers, establishments and dependencies dedicated to activities that can To give rise to emergency situations. This standard covers safety related to workers, regulated by Law 31/1995 on the Prevention of Occupational Hazards, as well as all persons within the library, all of which are regulated by the Law 2/1985 on Civil Protection.

Users who go to libraries differ from others in that it is a recurring public, who comes to the center frequently being in the end aware of the habits and customs of librarians, watchmen and other security systems. Therefore it is very important to comply with the standards and protocols focused on the consultation of high value materials. As for the main profiles of the thieves that we can find in libraries stand out: compulsory collectors, eventual criminals and thieves who belong to organized crime. With regard to the safety of bibliographic material, care must be taken to reduce theft or loss of it.

Traditional libraries already coexist with the new digital models promoting the safety of the physical material thanks to these new technologies that offer support to users who can check their availability and even texts without compromising the physical integrity of the bibliographic materials. There are many facts that have made the safety of this type of centers more than once, such as  robbery and / or expolio of material and historical documents  of libraries such as the National of Spain or the main library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, losing in the last years more than 200 books of great value, not counting those losses caused by natural catastrophes. All this has led to an increase in security systems, Especially in public buildings. It is important to note that at present many libraries do not have all the measures indicated above, and therefore the security that can be achieved by technical means is limited.

To you as users of libraries or employees, in case of suspected possible theft we recommend that you do not hesitate to report.

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