American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation
By Daniel Sheehy

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  • Title: Fighting Immigration Anarchy

  • Subtitle: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation

  • Author: Daniel Sheehy

  • Publisher: Rooftop Publishing

  • Format: 6x9 softcover

  • Page Count: 344, including photos, sources, and index

  • Publication Date:
    June 2006

  • Availability: At Amazon and major bookstores


American Fitness moved one of its stores and includes fitness equipment

Fitness American moved one of its stores to expand and incorporate the sale of machinery Fitness. In addition the store exclusive distributor for Spain American brand CrossFit Xenios USA.

Mª José Bueno, owner of Fitness American, explains that “so far this shop located in the center of Valencia and sold only franchised nutrition and supplementation. But now we have sought bigger premises, about 400 square meters, to enlarge and further incorporate into its catalog fitshoppro review equipment “. The store will open this week its new location.


The owner of Fitness American highlights the new addition to the catalog of store brands. “It teaches American Xenios USA, which is one of the leading companies to CrossFit gyms material. Our shop is responsible for distributing exclusively for Spain. ”
It is “a very important factor for us, as the CrossFit and functional training is working very well in the industry.”

Fitness American, is incorporating “more professional to our web catalog, although it is difficult. Gyms and clubs are giving priority above all be supplied funding, and it is difficult that the stores can provide it to those levels. Machinery brands are those that do are doing, “says Bueno.


The store, which began a year ago his departure abroad, starting with Italy , has slowed its internationalization. “Everything is stopped, even in Italy , ” said Maria Jose Bueno. “Nor did we set out to other countries until the situation improves.”

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