American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation
By Daniel Sheehy

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  • Title: Fighting Immigration Anarchy

  • Subtitle: American Patriots Battle to Save the Nation

  • Author: Daniel Sheehy

  • Publisher: Rooftop Publishing

  • Format: 6x9 softcover

  • Page Count: 344, including photos, sources, and index

  • Publication Date:
    June 2006

  • Availability: At Amazon and major bookstores

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Includes the Shocking 20-Page Chapter Bush and Other Elites Merging U.S., Mexico, and Canada

“This book is not just informative but inspiring. Readers will want to join up.”
— Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation, editor of

“This book is great! Buy it!”
Steve Eichler, executive director,  Minuteman Project; host and producer,  Minuteman Radio Network

“A must-read.... Bravo!”
D.A. King, founder of The American Resistance Foundation

“A powerful expose of the treasonous agenda to create the emerging North American Union and the efforts of real Americans to resist it.
Kevin Shannon, host of The Right Source

“This book is fantastic!... It tells you what the mainstream media won't.
— Cheree Calabro, state director,
Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

“Once you start reading it you cannot put it down.
— Tim Donnelly, leader,
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California

“Every American needs to read this book. — Jan Herron, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

It's a great book!
— Rick Biesada, radio host, WJJG-AM, Chicago, and director of the Chicago Minuteman Project

Get this book!
The Ron Smith Show, WBAL-AM, Baltimore

Many will agree that this is the best book written on the subject.
Byron Slater, Border Solution Task Force

“This is a great book!”
Charles Heller, host of Liberty Watch Radio

Thanks to a few courageous journalists like Daniel Sheehy, we are learning the facts through his book, and the story of American patriots dedicated to saving our nation.”
George Putnam, legendary newsman-broadcaster, Cable Radio Network

“A great book!
Barbara Jean, host of Born on the Fourth of July, KTKK-AM, Salt Lake City

“A great read!
"The Source with Paul Anderson," KIXZ-AM, Amarillo, Texas

It is a unique book that chronicles the courage, passion, struggle, and dedication of the leaders in the immigration battle.
The New American magazine

“I urge all Americans who care about their freedoms and quality of life to read Sheehy's book.
— Seamus McGowan, Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement

“Great book, inspirational!
— Gianluca Zanna, composer of Wake Up America

The book salutes and colorfully describes citizens who are battling the elites' push for mass immigration and open borders.
— Roy Beck, president, NumbersUSA

“Sheehy’s book is a witness to history, a tribute to those who battle like Americans to stop the destruction of this nation.”
Lupe Moreno, president,
Latino Americans for Immigration Reform

The message throughout Sheehy's book is that ordinary people with the grit to save the country can do extraordinary things.
— Brenda Walker, project director, Immigrations Human Cost

The book is not entirely about what is wrong with America's immigration policies, but rather about what is right with many patriotic Americans who are standing up to confront these disastrous policies.
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Photo of the pre-wedding session

The pre-wedding photo sessions are in full swing within the requirements of the modern couple. This session is seen as an “essay” of what will be the great photo session of the couple with wedding gowns and on the day of the wedding. It is also a perfect opportunity for the couple to enter into trust with the photographer who will portray them on the big day and so that they can get to know the best angles and expressions of the couple.

It is very popular recently that from the pre-wedding session some photographs are used for visual purposes for the wedding day, as for example the main photo of the signatures, where all the guests will place their good wishes for the couple. Some boyfriends also include these photographs in their invitations or save the date.

There is an infinity of ideas of places and concept for pre wedding photographer photos. Among the classic proposals are the sessions on the beach, by the sea, in the countryside, in romantic streets and old architecture, rails of a train, piers, flower paths, tunnels. We can add ideas with key elements such as colored balloons, with messages written on posters, with the date of the wedding written on the palm of one of you or on a poster, with your pet.

Exploit the game of lights and shadows in your photography, talk to your photographer and tell them they want photos of both in which they highlight their shadows, the professional photographer will know exactly at what time and time to capture that image. Also, play with the black and white effect, these colors are interesting and also generate romantic and mysterious environments in the photographs. On the other hand, there are colorful style weddings, in which the explosion of color is the most striking. Take this idea to your pre wedding session and you will achieve fun and vibrant results.

It is also very valid to include the style that will take your wedding and reflect it in this photo session. For example, a vintage session, or a boho chic in the field. It will be an announcement to your friends of what is expected in the marriage. On the other hand, as we mentioned, this is a good opportunity to give presence to our cocky, pets. If you have a dog or cat that is your best friend, do not hesitate to share this photo session.

Then we leave our selection of photos so you have many ideas, inspire them and plan the most special for your pre-wedding session, we are sure it will be an unforgettable couple time.

There are 6 types of locks … and these are the most recommended for your home

If I asked you which is the most important device in your home , what would you say?

Well, we recognize that, after reading the headline, the answer is somewhat conditioned.

But you know better than anyone that this audiovisual entertainment system that makes you drool when you get back from work, or that bathroom set with Spa functions that disconnects you from the world, or that wonderful kitchen where you prepare love for all your people would not be there if we did not put in place the necessary measures to protect them.

Starting with a good door and its security system .

And it is that the locks are, too many times, that great forgotten in a house . We assume that what we have works, protects us and is insurmountable.

But the systems of protection advance, as well as the techniques used by thieves to catalog a house as “accessible”.

So today we are going to review the different ways of protecting your entry from friends of others, reviewing their advantages and disadvantages, and new opportunities to improve your security at home.

Cylindrical or European profile locks

We call them that because the central piece of the mechanism is a cylinder with a pear cylinder, where the key is opened and closed, and because they are the most common in the homes of our continent.


Embedded or embedded locks

These are your little sisters present on the inside of the bathroom doors , which usually work by turning your eyelash from one side to the other:

Today you can install an intelligent digital access system to your home for less money than you imagine, with access through alphanumeric code, an app on your mobile, Bluetooth / NFC and, more recently, through your fingerprint.

In addition, the biometrics applied to a lock will shortly turn your door into an element capable of distinguishing if you are a person with authorized access through the identification of the iris of your eye, a retina scanner , facial or voice recognition 

You see: the spy movies were right. In everything: breaking the security of a door is much simpler than it seems … and today there are futuristic ways to avoid it.

Our recommendation is that you always have a high quality lock that turns your door into a barrier that is difficult to overcome.

And, if possible, to increase your comfort and yours and save you forgetfulness, scares, copies of keys and emergency locksmith melbourne , that you install a digital system that offers you alternative and safer ways of entry.

And leave the interior of your home for those you love most! 😉

US Delta starts its activity in France via an Extranet site
The Swiss company Delta, which is positioned as an agent as defined by the European regulation, started its activity in France in October. As a reminder (read our article: The profession of proxy on an industrial scale), its activity is to find new vehicles at the best price in Europe (among 28 brands and more than 2,000 models), manage orders and their delivery. Its computer system analyzes vehicle definitions in 14 countries and compares prices. Thus, depending on the vehicle requested by a car mechanic or dealer, the system searches for the equivalent vehicle and makes an offer proposal. If the latter is retained by the professional, deltaextranet publishes a mandate. The customer of the garage then signs the order, provides a piece of identification and a deposit of 10% of the amount of the vehicle. Delta then places an order with the selling dealer and delivers the vehicle to the garage.
Based in Switzerland, the company sold 3,000 vehicles (or 1.7% market share) this year via this system. A notable score, but doomed to stagnate. Switzerland is not enough for the company to ensure its profitability. This is why Delta wanted to start quickly a European development. Starting with France: ” We wanted to start our activity on the French market in March via a network of distributors that would have served as a relay (via a license system) .But this would have meant a significant reduction in our margins (3 to 5%), so we chose another direction, which took us seven months behind our development program , “said Michael Khoï, Delta’s vice president of marketing and operations.
The company has therefore finally opted for the deployment of an Extranet site, dubbed Delta Online, allowing it to directly manage the requests for offers and the resulting orders. Its operation: after registering for free on the site, the professional receives a password and an access code. He can then configure the vehicle as his client wishes (color, engine, options …). The system then searches for the vehicle equivalent to the model requested by the customer. Within 24 hours maximum, the car mechanic receives a quotation offer, indicating the best price found compared to the catalog price of the manufacturer in France, the country of origin and the estimated delivery time. The professional can directly calculate his margin on the site to define the price to propose to his client.
Operational since October, this site lists 1,000 registered in France and 150 daily connections. ” We have received 500 requests for tenders a day (by phone, fax or Internet) since our launch in France ,” says Khoï, ” and we have already sold nearly 300 vehicles to a hundred garages or dealers .” Delta has also achieved 70% of its turnover with distributors mainly controlling vehicles of competing brands.
With this offer, for the moment unique in Europe, Delta aims to hold 1% of market share in the different countries on which it will be established. After France, where it hopes to sell 5,000 vehicles in 2006, the company will launch its offer on the German market with a target of 3,000 sales in the first year. At the beginning of 2007, Delta will continue its development in Spain, Italy and England.
Security in libraries

The month of September is known to be, among other things, the month of “lap to school” . A return to the day-to-day transfer in schools, institutes, universities and jobs that also entails the return to the widespread occupation of libraries, public spaces where noise is prohibited and where reading and reading are given free rein. study. The high traffic of users, coupled with the fact that once we are there, it is normal that our attention is focused on books and notebooks, it is advisable to highlight some aspects of security in libraries, vital in this type of facilities. The library security is a topic that has deepened little but not without interest.

  • Users and staff
  • Buildings and infrastructures
  • Bibliographic material

The management of most libraries belongs to public administrations, business networks or associations, which are almost never physically located in the same building. So many of the libraries are often left poorly or poorly served. In order to guarantee the tranquility of users and staff, as well as the library as a whole and to keep the bibliographic material intact, we highlight the following internal measures that should have a library:

  • Video surveillance cameras .
  • Alarms .
  • Lathes to control access through a document or card.
  • Anti-theft security pedestals.
  • home security systems
  • Metal detectors.
  • Anti-hag tags on books and documents.
  • Sensors volumetric, proximity and intelligent (highlighting radio frequency, RFID).

It is important to emphasize that the need to integrate all these solutions is particularly relevant, so that, if necessary, a coordinated and effective response can be provided. In 2007, the Ministry of the Interior, through Royal Decree 393/2007, approved the Basic Norms of Self-Protection, being necessary in centers, establishments and dependencies dedicated to activities that can To give rise to emergency situations. This standard covers safety related to workers, regulated by Law 31/1995 on the Prevention of Occupational Hazards, as well as all persons within the library, all of which are regulated by the Law 2/1985 on Civil Protection.

Users who go to libraries differ from others in that it is a recurring public, who comes to the center frequently being in the end aware of the habits and customs of librarians, watchmen and other security systems. Therefore it is very important to comply with the standards and protocols focused on the consultation of high value materials. As for the main profiles of the thieves that we can find in libraries stand out: compulsory collectors, eventual criminals and thieves who belong to organized crime. With regard to the safety of bibliographic material, care must be taken to reduce theft or loss of it.

Traditional libraries already coexist with the new digital models promoting the safety of the physical material thanks to these new technologies that offer support to users who can check their availability and even texts without compromising the physical integrity of the bibliographic materials. There are many facts that have made the safety of this type of centers more than once, such as  robbery and / or expolio of material and historical documents  of libraries such as the National of Spain or the main library of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, losing in the last years more than 200 books of great value, not counting those losses caused by natural catastrophes. All this has led to an increase in security systems, Especially in public buildings. It is important to note that at present many libraries do not have all the measures indicated above, and therefore the security that can be achieved by technical means is limited.

To you as users of libraries or employees, in case of suspected possible theft we recommend that you do not hesitate to report.

Photobooth rental, Photo ® cabin Photo for events in Lyon

No need to designate someone to take a picture!
Boxattitude is the original photobooth hire sydney rental concept for your events.
Alone or several, it immortalizes the moment and captures your memories.
Touch the screen, take the pose, and enjoy the result!
It’s simple, fun, crazy laughter in perspective and good times guaranteed!

Boxattitude will become the essential animation of your events throughout America!

Your photomatons have software designed to make it easy to shoot, people see themselves live during the 5-second countdown before the photo is taken, and your photos are directly saved in The number of photos is unlimited on digital media.

Our machines equipped with a REFLEX CANON capture images of high quality and an incredible sharpness! No fuzzy faces, no bland colors, which allows you to later develop your photos if you wish. Your memories in exceptional quality!

Boxattitude offers professional lighting. Depending on the location of your event, two lighting options are available. 

An LED studio lighting is integrated in the photobooth.

We also have two continuous lighting umbrellas.

An incomparable photo result!

Our professional Dye sublimation printers allow you to receive your photos instantly in excellent quality in 10×15 standard format. A good way to keep with you an unforgettable memory of your evening!

You want to organize a unique and unforgettable event in the Rhône-Alpes region and all over America?

Surprise your guests with original animation!

Boxattitude is at your disposal to define with you your needs and offer you a service in line with your expectations to make your event a unique moment.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, baptism, party with friends, bachelor party or boy, etc., Boxattitude ensures you a quality service.

Pleasure and satisfaction guaranteed!

For the success of your events!


Photomatons are becoming more and more integrated into all kinds of celebrations and become the indispensable element that will guarantee the success of the animation of your event.

If you recently attended an event that proposed this type of photo animation, you could only notice the craze and the surprise that this animation provokes!

It has the benefit of seducing all generations, big and small will have fun without moderation!

What better idea than to propose to your guests the animation Boxattitute, the perfect photo cabin to entertain, entertain and delight all your guests.

Boxattitude is an amazing animation idea with a wide choice of options, such as printing your photos in real time or the possibility of renting accessories, but it is also the guarantee of a serene moment because You do not mind anything! Our team ensures the assembly, dismantling and troubleshooting if necessary.

American home movie theaters

For film fans, there is not enough living space with a television and a sofa, they want a real American-style home theater where they can enjoy the seventh art and popcorn. Having a home cinema or home theater is the dream of many and, although it might sound complicated, it is not. Maybe the most difficult thing is to have an extra room, but once you have it, you just have to start thinking about what movies you want to watch. If you need inspiration to set up your own cinema, check out our pictures of American-style Movie4k theaters at home and stick with the ideas that best fit the space of your home.


Main aspects to take into account when setting up an American-style cinema at home:

The ideal is to have a stay of the house that can be destined for this purpose. But, if that is not possible, a wall free of furniture and large decorative elements will serve. It is also very important the accommodation, because we all like to be comfortable and relaxed when we see a movie, so having space for a sofa or an armchair is essential.

  • TV: is one of the options, but large televisions do not always enter inside all budgets. In addition, making a big investment here is usually not worth it because the technology in this field is advancing by leaps and bounds.
  • Projector: most recommended for a home theater American style is undoubtedly a projector. Here you can find all the prices and, although the more investment you make, the greater benefits you will get, the simpler ones will allow you to watch a movie in large dimensions. In this case, the image will come to life on a wall or a screen.
  • Speakers: is properly known as equipment home cinema or home theater and often make a difference in the cinematic experience home. Usually they consist of several speakers that must be placed strategically in the room, although also they exist the bars of sound that give very good result and occupy less.
  • Seats: audiovisual pleasure and total comfort, perhaps these are the premises to set up a home theater. And some seats not only allow you to be comfortable, but they will make you feel like your favorite movie, but in your home. Perfect! Keep in mind that if you want to put a couple of rows, the back ones should be higher.
  • Lighting: put some intensity adjustable lights will give the magic touch to your private room.


How to decorate an American-style movie theater at home?

Everything depends on the air you want to give to this particular seating area. If you really want it to resemble a real showroom, you should play rather with lighting and smooth colors and, above all, leave the surrounding walls clear so they do not distract during projections. If you want to give a more personal touch, choose to hang the promotional posters of your favorite movies.

Enjoy the experience to the fullest with a cart destined for snacks that make going to the movies is a fully rounded experience. Chocolates and, of course, popcorn! Surely a popcorn machine would look great in your new craftsman style home theater.

Get inspired with our pictures of American-style movie theaters at home. Visit:, Discover professionals who can help you : Home automation and multimedia installations and interior designers and decorators , among others.

American Beauty Secrets

One of the tricks of Hollywood stars to look radiant is to sleep at least eight hours. This prevents signs of tiredness and wrinkles and your skin looks cooler.

Movie stars always look radiant, sensual, beautiful … It even looks as if they shine!One may wonder: Why look so good? Surgeries? Photoshop? Costly Cosmetics? Arduous gymnastics routines? Well, maybe there’s some of that. But they also have homemade beauty tips . In this note, we reveal some of her beauty tricks, but we warn you: some are extreme.

Do you dare to try them?

  1. Julia Roberts : Julia’s smile is a Hollywood icon and actress does know how to be always beautiful. To keep your always strong and perfect nails, ensures that dipped in olive oil and stating that the hardened , oils and moisturize.
  2. Scarlett Johansson: The blonde looks as if it had porcelain skin. Do you know how to do it? “I was informing myself about natural skin care and discovered that apple cider vinegar is very good. Used as a toner can be a bit aggressive but if you have acne breakouts it will be very useful, “he told a prestigious beauty magazine. Apparently, a bit strange, no? But using apple cider vinegar is a very old method of preventing annoying pimples , and is an old trick well known by grandmothers everywhere. Also moisturizer is applied to the cheekbones once the makeup: it is to keep them moisturized and counteract the harmful effects of makeup, and also serves to fix the blush.
  3. Eva Longoria: It is one of the sexiest actresses on the red carpet and his mere presence increases the temperature at any stage. Do you know how he cares for his skin? Once a week, apply a mask made from ground coffee beans, lemon juice and olive oil to keep it hydrated. Will it be because olive oil is a natural moisturizer, lemon has astringent properties and coffee antioxidants?
  4. Cameron Diaz is an enthralling actress, but to be even more seductive, use a lipstick similar to his mouth color, and in the middle a gloss is applied to create a volume effect . In addition, it uses bases with bronzing pigments, “bronzers”, and combines them with blushes in strong tones, like mandarin or pink.
  5. Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz: They use a very simple but effective trick: sleep at least eight hours per day. That way they avoid dark circles, wrinkles, their eyes look more open and their skin fresher, because if you sleep less hours, it tends to gather excess fat.
  6. Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow: Practicing yoga and pilates to keep us bodies fit and strong muscles.
  7. Nicole Kidman: She has one of Hollywood’s most envied blonde hair. To keep it always flawless, strong and moisturized, apply a homemade mask of yogurt, pilaten, honey and wheat germ. Sounds easy, does not it?
  8. . Jennifer Love Hewitt: There is an urban myth that says a pimple can dry if applied toothpaste. What do you think this actress does to fight the granites? That, exactly.
  9. Demmi Moore: The years do not seem to go for this beautiful brunette who taste he not only raise your pulse viewers doing nude scenes super heart – stopping, but also to go out with one of the most coveted red carpet chocolates. She does not use expensive creams or extravagant hair products: their own mask made of avocados, yoghurt (250g) and almond oil is made.
  10. Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman: These blondes are naturally white skin and know the dangers of being exposed to the sun without care . Therefore, they never leave their homes without having applied sun protection before. Meg Ryan also consumes a lot of carrots, as it is known worldwide, this vegetable contains nutrients (beta carotene) that promote a good tan and help the skin to stay in top condition.
  11.  Catherine Zeta Jhones : As we said before olive oil is a natural moisturizer. This beautiful actress uses it as reparative serum on the ends of your hair to prevent split ends and always keep super hydrated.
Karcher Book guide for cleaning with water under pressure

Karcher Books is one of the leading manufacturers of Best service in vancouver wa machinery worldwide and leader in pressure water cleaning. In this handy guide we offer you numerous tips and practical examples to help you manage your high pressure cleaner more easily and effectively.

How and why?
11In this handy guide we offer you numerous tips and practical examples to help you manage your high pressure cleaner more easily and effectively. But, first of all, we will try to answer a fundamental question: Why clean with high pressure?

Anyone who has ever attempted to clean the tile from the building’s entrances or the garden of your home with the conventional irrigation hose knows all too well how unpleasant and tiring this task is.

The high-pressure cleaner develops a considerably higher cleaning power, compared to the conventional irrigation hose, regardless of the object to be cleaned or the specific task to be performed: Wash the car, clean the moss-covered access tiles , Terraces, blinds, drums or dirty garbage containers, boats …. Everything is clean – and in a very short time!

How Does a Pressure Washer Work?

Water from the public supply network (which usually has a pressure of 4 bar) is conveyed through a hose to the high-pressure cleaner. In this, a high pressure pump generates a pressure of up to 150 bars. The water exits the apparatus through a small high pressure nozzle, in the form of a concentrated jet which develops a high cleaning effect.

Kárcher’s high-pressure cleaners meet all international standards in terms of operational safety, which is evidenced by the approvals and certifications of the Office of Control, Normative and Homologation of Industrial Products (TÜV and different international institutes All electroconductive elements are protected against splashing water.

Working with a high-pressure cleaner saves you money and water. The conventional irrigation hose – with its 4 net pressure bars – consumes approx. 3,500 liters of water per hour, while a high pressure cleaner with 100 bars conforms to approx. 400 liters of water


What can be cleaned with a pressure washer?
11High pressure cleaners are very versatile auxiliaries for the cleaning of the exterior of the home: Attach the appliance to the water supply and mains, switch on the cleaner – and that’s it! The cleaning starts.

Our practical examples show the most appropriate way to use a high pressure cleaner, as well as a number of points that must be taken into account.

By coupling the specific optional accessories, these devices become true ‘multitalents’: projecting sandblasting in wet, cleaning pipes and pipes, evacuating water from a pond … and all the applications that you yourself It will devise for its cleaner Kárcher.

Keep in mind when performing the work with the cleaner that the impact pressure reaches its maximum value immediately after leaving the high pressure nozzle.

This means that in order to remove particularly hard and strongly adhering dirt it is necessary to work within a short distance of the object or surface. Dirt less resistant or accumulated on surfaces of sensitive materials, on the other hand, should be removed by working at a greater distance from the object

Clean the mossy tiles.

As the moss not only forms a thick layer on the tiles, but also is adhered to the pores of the material, the ‘turbo’ nozzle is used for its removal. This nozzle generates a rotating water jet, combining the cleaning power of the concentrated jet of water with the surface performance of the fan jet. Apply the high pressure jet almost perpendicular to the surface of the tiles and work in small sections of approx. 20-30 cm, from one edge of the tile to the other. The splash protection for the ‘turbo’ nozzles (optional accessory) protects you from splashing water.

Clean the garden furniture.

11Unpleasant stains on garden furniture are effectively removed with the high pressure cleaner.

In case of a strong dirt plow, add the Karcher detergent or attach a washing brush.


Practical advice

Water filter:
Prevents impurities that could
be dissolved in the water can
get inside the pump
or in, d cause you trouble, this.





Remove dust layers and splashes of mud or dirt with the high pressure jet, working from top to bottom. The dirt patches on the body can be removed with the washing brush or the rotary washing brush (optional accessories) and a Kárcher detergent. Project the detergent with the low pressure jet on the dry body.

Let it act for one or two minutes. Then remove with the high pressure jet or brush the separate dirt washing. Before beginning the washing of the vehicle you must inform your local council about the rules regarding the washing of vehicles in force in your municipality. Clean the vehicle body with the high pressure cleaner. Motorcycles or bicycles can also be washed with the high pressure cleaner series equipment



11The layers of algae and shells attached to the hull or deck of boats (sailboats, power boats) are easily and effectively removed with high pressure. On smooth surfaces,

You can use the rotary washing brush, while for the more resistant dirt and strongly adhered can apply the specific detergent of Karcher.


Unclog pipes or pipes clogged.
11To unclog the water drains or the drain pipes of the bathroom or laundry room, a special set is available for cleaning pipes and pipes: Insert the hose into the blocked pipe; Turn the gun – the four high-pressure jets facing the rear move the hose into the pipe. When the nozzle reaches the point of obstruction, actuate the gun trigger several times briefly to remove the obstruction.



Cleaning of drums, buckets or trash containers.
Place the trash can or bucket horizontally on the floor. Project the high pressure jet obliquely against the walls of the container. To clean the bottom of the container, position it vertically – so as not to be exposed to splashes. Cleaning will be carried out more quickly and efficiently using the optional tank and drum cleaning accessory.

Clean the blinds with the brush.
11Completely lower blinds before cleaning. Then adjust the low-pressure spray nozzle to apply the detergent. Start the work by the upper end of the section of the blind that you want to clean. Leave the detergent to work for one or two minutes in order to remove the dirt. Apply then the washing brush and eliminate , loosened dirt with high pressure jet


5 Tips for bookkeeping for American Company

The accounting is usually one of the areas most headache causes in organizations, but, in the same way, itis very important that entrepreneurs and businessmen adequately with accounting information of your company or simply they risk putting it into financial problems and legal.

It would be very desirable to have a professional take care of accounting in our company, but if you are the owner or manager of an SME, you must make sure this work.

On this occasion I want to share some tips for the accounting management is not a headache in your company. Dare to put them into practice and then tell us what it go.


1. Take advantage of the Tic’s:

The time when you had to manually keep accounts, is behind us . Currently we have plenty of tools, applications and software that allow us to keep accounts of a more optimal and systemized way. There are free options, ideal for small businesses, and other options a little expensive, but designed especially for large companies like Online bookkeeping services. Only a matter of search, compare and test the options that fit your needs.

2. Training and constant updating:

The accounting issue is quite complex. Constantly new laws and regulations that every company should take into account, for this reason it is essential to be aware of any developments in this regard arise.

It is also advisable to take advantage of online educational offerings. There are different kinds of courses updated accounting can be made via the Internet (some free and other payments). The important thing is to keep up to date and see how we can take advantage of changes that are generated.

3. Do not ignore the law:

The law is one of the main reasons why it is important to properly keep accounts. Each country has its own rules and laws on accounting issues, but there are also international accounting standards (IAS) that are responsible for regulating a general level accounting procedures in organizations.

Ignorance of the law does not absolve us from guilt. It is important to know the laws and see how we can take advantage of them rather than ignore them and expect to have legal problems to pay attention.

4. Order and organization above all:


Accounting management should be efficient and effective. Carries the information of your company in perfect order and so avoid many problems. Remember to lean on computer tools.

5. Let the experts advise:

Whenever you have a specific question or a problem with the accounting, it is best to go to an expert on the subject and get advise for him. Chambers of commerce and government agencies often have professionals willing to support you when you require.

All right. Here are some tips for entrepreneurs and businessmen who should be responsible for accounting in their companies , but it is important always to project did have professionals and experts in every area of our business. Think big and allow your SME to become a great company.

Do not forget to leave your comment about how you carry on your business accounting and what advice can you share with us based on your experience.

Know the difference between an espresso and Americano

No doubt coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and today is a key to start the day, to consume in meetings or for sharing with friends or on a date.

Being one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, the question is what coffee consuming and if Peruvian, much better, since Peru ranks as the second largest producer and exporter of organic coffee in the world.

More than a drink, coffee has gained great social importance in Peru. Restaurants and cafes have a wide range of beverages made with coffee, but what distinguishes most basic: the espresso and American? Here we will explain.

Espresso coffee


Also known as Express, it is a very concentrated coffee. Preparation of Italian origin, is obtained with a coffee or espresso machine to get concentrate of ground coffee through the mixture of water temperature, pressure and coffee preparation time.

Forming a strong liquid with a thick consistency, the Espressos are served in very small cups in which usually small amount of coffee served (20 to 30 ml) with a characteristic layer of cream on the surface due to pressure. It is a powerful coffee aroma and intense flavor.

American coffee



The American coffee is prepared with a coffee machine because, indeed, this also part of the Espresso. Therefore an American is an Espresso diluted in an amount of hot water, making it a slightly less concentrated coffee, but softer to taste. This is served in a slightly larger than the previous cup.

Anyway, it is important to consider the ground coffee to know what to order in a cafeteria, because if you like strong coffee and bitter, while finer the grain, the more intense the flavor.

From Sierra Exportadora & , through the “El Peruano Cafetea” campaign seeks to boost domestic consumption of Peruvian coffee, generating greater productivity and welfare investment in production areas, still linked to places of poverty.

It’s time to take a coffee! And what is your favorite?

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